About us

"Fouette" is a ballet studio in Kiev, for children from 3,6 to 16 years old. Our studio guarantees choreographic studies at a high professional level, taking into account the individual abilities of the child, author's programs and teaching methods.

    Training in the children's ballet studio "Fouette" is:

  • - Vocational training taking into account the individual abilities of the child
  • - group and individual lessons
  • - morning and evening groups
  • - Author's programs and teaching methods
  • - strengthening the overall health of students
  • - Attraction to the world of art and education of a sense of taste
  • - teaching to internal discipline
  • - Concert performances, participation in competition festivals
  • - creative and friendly atmosphere
  • - help each child to reveal their talents

Ballet for children in Kiev is a wonderful way to bring your child to the magical world of beauty and spiritual perfection. At the end of the school year, the children's dance school conducts an "open lesson" - an exhibition for parents, friends and guests of our studio.

As the technique of dance is mastered, the choreography becomes more complicated, and the dance program is included in the curriculum. Dances for children, repertoire and themes are chosen according to age. The most successful ones are shown at concerts and festivals. All students of our studio, regardless of the terms of training, always take part in concerts and theatrical productions on stage.