Our program

The training program of the ballet studio "Fouette" includes a comprehensive study with professional teachers and masters of their craft: classical dance, health gymnastics and rhythmics, as well as the basics of acting. Thanks to additional subjects in the schedule, children develop in the dance and theatrical directions.

Why the ballet?

Ballet is a special kind of art in which dancers with the help of movements, music, scenery and costumes have been telling different stories for 400 years, sparking the imagination of the spectators. Children's choreography requires special attention, professionalism, patience. The choreography for children began to develop actively in the early 50's, and since then its popularity has not diminished.

Балет atучит ребенка понимать свое тело

The ballet will teach the child to understand his body

Regardless of the personal attitude to dancing, any person should be able to feel and control his body. Especially when it comes to children. The structured, methodical approach that is used in ballet teaching will help the child to study his own anatomy, to understand where his strengths and weaknesses are, to develop coordination of movements.



Grace is not only a feature of the body, but of personality and behavior. If you want to see your child elegant and graceful, you should introduce him to the ballet.

Крепкие мышцы и крепкое здоровье

Strong muscles and good health

Classes ballet develop muscle strength, but the ballerinas do not look like bodybuilders. The ballet helps to develop strength and flexibility that will be useful in any kind of dance or sport if the child decides to leave the ballet and engage in another activity.

Эмоциоatльное развитие

Emotional development

The ballet bears several positive moments for the emotional state of children. Firstly, it can serve as an excellent psycho-emotional detente for the child, a way to express one's feelings, experiences, distract from current problems or simply throw out the accumulated energy. Secondly, the ballet helps instill a child's sense of pride in himself, his achievements, which positively affects his self-esteem.

Our mentors


Khabar Elena Vladimirovna


«Children are the brightest and purest phenomenon ... They come to our world to give warmth and tenderness, a sea of smiles, joy and happiness! Our task is to convey all the best to our children and make their world bright and happy!»


Mezhak Victoria Yuryevna

leading teacher choreographer, choreographer

«Behind each dance number is a great work of dancers directed by a talented and experienced master who can not only teach you how to twist a fouette, but also teach you how to express your feelings in movement and instill a real love for dancing. »


Victoria Yuryevna began to practice ballet at the age of five. After graduating from the Choreography School in 1987 she worked at the Theater of Classical Ballet. From 1994 - 2014 she worked in the troupe of the National Opera of Ukraine. From 2014 to the present time he works as a ballet teacher. In 2008 she graduated in Kherson National University, teacher-choreographer. She toured with the Bolshoi Theater and the National Opera of Ukraine around the world. She took part in the festival "Dance Open" in St. Petersburg with the stars of the World Ballet. She performed solo parts in many ballets.She has certificates from the Director of the Theater for his professionalism and contribution to the work of the theater.


Mirzaeva Lola Muzaffarovna

teacher choreographer

«Those who passed a good dance school immediately distinguish and a special posture - a straight back, and the grace that manifests in their movements and in everyday life. »


Lola Muzaffarovna began to practice ballet at the age of 5 years. After graduating from the KSHU (Kiev Choreography School) from 1993 to 1998, she worked at the Theater of Classical Ballet. After the transformation of the theater, Lola Muzaffarovna moved with her troupe to the Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and Ballet Theater for Children and Youth, where she currently works. In 2004 she received a higher education, and also completed a master's degree (2006) in KNUKiI (Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts).


Starichenko Tamara Borisovna

teacher choreographer

«Dance becomes an integral part of life, if you ever start dancing. From my own experience I know that dance is an occupation not only for the body, but also for the soul. When it's hard, it's enough to make a few simple ones and the problem appears in a completely different light. »


Tamara Borisovna graduated from the Donetsk Choreography School (a daily 8-year education) in 1974. She entered the Leningrad School of Arts (department of choreography). After graduation in 1977 she worked as a ballet dancer in the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble "Donbass" until 1997. Since 2000 she began teaching choreography in the Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity ODDiUT (Donetsk). From 2014 to the present time she works as a teacher-choreographer in Kiev.

Set in groups

Class schedule for 2022-2023

Group, age Time Price Teacher
12 - 15 years old Classes are held
вт-чт 17:30-19.00
сб 12:00-13:30
3000 uah/month Mezhak V.U.
10 - 12 years old Classes are held
Mon-Wed-Fri at 17.00-18.30
3000 uah/month Mirzoeva L.M.
7 - 9 years old Classes are held
Mon-Wed-Fri at 17:00-18:30
3000 uah/month Mezhak V.U.
6 - 7 years old Classes are held
Mon-Wed-Fri at 17:00-18:30
3000 uah/month Starichenko T.B.
5 - 6 years old Classes are held
вт-чт at 17:00 - 18:30
3000 uah/month Starichenko T.B.
3 - 5 years old Classes are held
Mon-Wed-Fri at 18:30 - 19:30
3000 uah/month Mirzoeva L.M.

Individual lessons (60 min) - 400uah

Individual lessons (90 min) -600uah

The services

The services of the ballet studio "Fouette" are based on professional training, taking into account the individual abilities of the child, to strengthen the overall health of children, to help each child discover their talents.

    Group lessons

  • choreography, gymnastics, rhythmics, acting skills;
  • Classes are held 3 times a week for 1 hour 30 minutes;
  • total number of lessons per month according to the schedule;
  • duration of the lesson according to the schedule;
  • the number of children in groups is limited (10-12 people);

    Individual lessons

  • choreography;
  • gymnastics;
  • setting concert numbers;